Weaver Vale Housing Trust

Some of the key aspects and reasons for the success of the partnership are:

  • Trading through the central location of our Northwich Buildbase site. Weaver Vale stores was moved into the branch at the mobilisation stage, upon their request.
  • Regularly reviewing KPI’s. These include: Core Range Availability Number of Stock Outs Specials Ordered In-full-on-time Deliveries’ Operatives feedback on service levels
  • A dedicated partnering and account manager, to ensure all work is progressing.

Proactive monthly review meetings that discuss:

    • Product innovation
    • New sites
    • Industry news
    • KPI’s
  • Actively proposing and sourcing alternative products, including our quality own brand – Suregraft, where we are able to provide excellent savings in cost and/or time. Successful examples of this approach include: Supplying larger bathroom tiles, that are quicker to fit, providing an overall saving through reduced labour output. Changing external doors to a pre-primed finish, so decorators don’t have to spend time priming them.
  • Getting involved in community projects, such as donating painting materials to Cotswold House, a home for homeless women, and tools to tidy up community gardens.