Collection and Deliveries

If the scale, location, or complexity of your business requires a dedicated solution, Huws Gray has the people and expertise you need. For some of our customers, a more cost-effective solution is to provide a dedicated trade counter service within our existing branches. By using our dedicated fast-track counter and the ‘call and collect’ service, we can keep operative waiting times to an absolute minimum, driving productivity to enable faster working processes.

Our collection service includes stock management, order processing, packaging, and access to specialised industry knowledge. You’ll not only get a more efficient and streamlined end-to-end supply chain solution, but you’ll also get total peace of mind that we’re on it and you can leave us to do the heavy lifting.

Whether you need Plot Pack deliveries to support Voids or Rapid Response deliveries for emergency jobs, we will deliver high levels of service, reliability, and control over your material movement.

Our dedicated delivery teams work diligently to ensure our partners receive the best possible delivery service. Even if it’s hazardous or high-value, our team of experts will get it there safely and keep you updated on what’s going on.

Before we load, we listen. We take time to understand your precise requirements. This insight allows us to solve your delivery problems and focus our efforts on delivering a more efficient solution.


The multi-functional application allows operatives to load and plan their delivery routes using its built in satellite navigation system. Our branches can communicate with operatives regarding delivery times and update them quickly of any changes. The e-pod solution allows branches to capture operative signatures at point of delivery and stores all the PODs for future reference, resulting in a cost saving, removing the need for manual POD checks!