Next Generation Pop Up Store

The industry leading Huws Gray Pop up stores mean you can collect your materials from a location convenient for you.

No need to travel to your branch, we will work with you to identify the areas of both high and low demand. We’ll place our industry leading PopUp Store to ensure your team can have access to materials to help them complete the repair first time.

The PopUp Stores reduce travelling time for your repairs team and gives them access to materials in multiple locations. This solution is ideal for heavily congested areas where travel times can become a drain on resource, and also rural areas where the materials supplier could be a number of miles away.

Benefit from…

  • Secure Storage Containers
  • Self Storage facilities
  • Totally Flexible
  • Stocked with you agreed range of materials
  • Self Serve and Checkout
  • Rural / Outlying areas
  • Inner City Areas
  • Larger areas to cut down travelling


Our new pop up smart store uses the latest UHF RFID tracking technology so no manual scanning of materials is required.

Your operative simply scans their unique Employee RFID fob and enters the job number on the integrated touch screen panel, collects the materials required & exits the store using their RFID fob.

Our smart store knows what has been taken using the latest RFID technology.

Our unique smart store access door panel system is installed to convert a standard container into smart store. Our panel fits most standard container units.


Our unique self checkout bar code reader is installed, enabling your operative to scan the materials required for the repair. The scanner can be integrated with your current job system, enabling employee and job validation if required.