Procurement ID Cards

We pride ourselves on the ability to provide the most in-depth, flexible detail on our purchasing cards when compared with our competitors.

Our procurement ID cards can aid procurement of materials for our customers; each card displays the operative’s name and photograph (optional). If required, they can be set with a further 11 reference fields to facilitate validation checks and to help create more bespoke reports. Additional reference fields include:

• Employee ID number
• Job reference
• Vehicle registration
• Site address

The procurement cards are produced and controlled by our in-house data team. They have a database which monitors all cards in circulation. If an operative loses a card, a replacement will be produced and sent to the customer, ready for the operative to use. The original card will also be cancelled, mitigating the risk of improper use if the card is found by an unauthorised person.

Our procurement cards have numerous advantages, including:

• Spend Limits: Control your operatives’ spend on materials. This can be adjusted so each one has a different spend limit.
• Line-Level-3 Control: The card can be tailored to restrict the materials an operative can collect; this can be controlled to limited specific items rather than a range of materials, such as timber.
• The ability to run reports on daily/weekly/monthly transactions and spend.
• Provides information on where the card has been used; is the operative using the closest branch to avoid time on the road?

Whatever the requirements, we create solutions that give you complete control and visibility.